Our (extra-)terrestrial exam – unlocking the cosmos within ourselves

We live in a Multiverse of extraordinary beauty. The heavy processes humanity is going through collectively and individually currently act as a kind of (extra-)terrestrial exam. When we (learn to) reconnect with the Loving Source – the beginning and end of everything – and with all parts of our Higher Self, which have had their own experiences in other places, in other parts of the Cosmos, we will finally become whole again and return to Home.

Ilse’s cosmic memories, insights and reflections on our origins, current mission and destiny, deliver not only a very special but also a positive and hopeful story emphasising the power of our own free will.

A cosmic travelogue awaits you this lecture. Deeply lived testimonies take you to events, some of which took place many (hundreds of) thousands of years ago, but which still bother us today. As a result, they get in the way of our healing.

After the lecture, there is always an opportunity to ask questions.

At this time, lectures are only in Dutch. Maybe you are the first to book Ilse for an English lecture?

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