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ORIGINS (2023 – English)

Fernando Lobo and Ilse Wanten: two passionate artists with a mission.

The fascinating world Fernando (Portuguese) and Ilse (Belgian) show us in their book ORIGINS contains breathtaking black-and-white pen drawings on the one hand and powerful pieces of intriguing (English) text on the other. With each stroke of their pen, both artists evoke worlds imbued with profound meanings and refined details. Their passion exudes lifelong dedication, wonder and surrender. Both therefore clearly have a mission. The distant places that Fernando and Ilse conjure up like modern shamans turn out to be memories of personal experiences that took place in times that now exist only within our cosmic memory and were stored in our dna. By dwelling on these, reviving them and making them visible, in exceptionally strong visual images and compelling words, both artists offer us the opportunity to remember them again and admit them to our (collective) memory. Where they can then and if desired be healed.

ORIGINS is like a portal to the (un)known and, in that sense, Fernando and Ilse might as well be considered bridge-builders. What they have in mind is nothing more or less than a better world. So wait no longer and lose yourself in the magic of this unadulterated masterpiece that makes the past bearable and the future imaginable… and find yourself – your true self or the one you were always destined to become… in ORIGINS

Here you can find Ilse’s interview for Bloom online magazine (in Dutch).

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DEAR HEAVEN (2019 – Dutch + English)

In each of us there is a secret gate that leads to the intended DEAR HEAVEN. It appears when millions of years of hidden history are rediscovered, and when the insight shows that there are answers to all possible questions.

DEAR HEAVEN is Ilse Wanten’s second book in which she drastically rewrites both history and the future.

Personal cosmic memories take the reader on an exciting journey through different parts of the Multi-Versum. The image that DEAR HEAVEN sketches places planet Earth in a special but also dangerous position. Will this humanity succeed in time to open the gate to the Infinite Consciousness of its Soul, and thus expose the old enemy?

DEAR HEAVEN is a book that challenges and inspires, but above all calls for the piercing of the prevailing illusion.


Peter Toonen  (Dutch writer / publisher and Mayan calendar expert): Ilse’s experiences from her personal life intertwine seamlessly with memories of different times in which our planet took shape. With simple words, she is able to conjure up powerful images that continue to resonate. A miraculous book about our present miraculous time.

Publishing House Aspekt (Netherlands): An important book!

Spiegelbeeld Magazine (Netherlands): From the top shelf!

Standaard Boekhandel (Belgium): A must for anyone who is genuinely and consciously concerned about our planet!

Het Alkristal (Antwerp/Belgium): Top author of two great books! I recommend them to everyone.

Gisèle Lievens (integrative psychotherapist): A very interesting book by a fascinating woman. Ilse looks reality straight in the eye and translates the ‘invisible dimensions’ into clear language for a wide audience. Her personal memories of past lives in the creation of our planet, let you travel through time. An eye opener for every human being who wants to live consciously!

Bloom online magazine published this bookreview on Nov. 3th of 2021.

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SOUL IN SIGHT! (2012 – Dutch)

SOUL IN SIGHT! is the first book written by Ilse Wanten. With a vision of a better world, SOUL IN SIGHT! looks at the past and rewrites history. Using personal testimonials, Ilse Wanten offers the reader an inspiring vision of man and the Universe.

SOUL IN SIGHT! continues where quantum physicists stop. The so-called discovery of ‘the Field’ – the invisible network that links everything together – is in fact anything but coincidence, but arrives just in time to help humanity take the next necessary step.


Kathleen T. (verified reviewer of the Standaard Boekhandel): Five stars! For me the book is a perfect first acquaintance with spirituality and becoming conscious. From her own experiences Ilse Wanten takes you step by step to a way of thinking in a new direction that leads to insight and to a better world. Highly recommended!

Het Alkristal: Wonderful book! Ilse Wanten knows what she’s writing about.

The Belgian artist Stef Kamil Carlens (also known from Zita Swoon Group) was inspired by Ilse and her ZIEL IN ZICHT! He explicitly refers to it in the song ‘Stuck In The Status Quo‘ of the eponymous album.

Kristien Van Camp (general coordinator of the non-profit organisation Akindo/Lommel): Although this book was published eight years ago (2012), it has lost none of its topicality. It is very original – I’ve never read anything like it -, clearly written and therefore easy to read, and shows in an inspiring way that life has much more to offer than what we are usually told. Even now that I have finished it, I still open this book occasionally. Then it turns out that what I find on the page in question coincides exactly with what I am (unwittingly) looking for or needing at that moment… Highly recommended!

Bloom online magazine published this bookreview on May 19th of 2021.