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The article that started leading a life on its own and turned out to become a real joint project, was called Soul in Sight! right after my first book, published in 2012. It appeared in the Summer-special of July-September 2020 in the magazine of La Verna.

I will never forget the trajectory Kristin and I took in the run-up to the publication of this controversial article. After all, writing a book on a certain subject is quite different from writing an article. In a book, you gradually get to build a relationship. Step by step you take the reader with you. An article, on the other hand, has nothing at all to do with slowness. You only have so many words at your disposal and with that, you have to get to the heart of the matter reasonably quickly. I noticed that I had no trouble finding words; on the contrary. However, I preferred not to come out of the closet right away. That, however, was beyond Kristin’s perspicacity. She kept on firing questions at me untill I finally let it all out. I don’t think Kristin expected that! It’s very brave of her that she finally published the article after all.

Soul in Sight!

Standing up/open for a better world!

Ilse Wanten

This text of Ilse opens new worlds and new perspectives. In order to fully empathize with it, I had to let go of my familiar ideas which always goes hand in hand with resistance. But sometimes you have to go through your resistances in order to grow. Curious about you, dear reader. 


Normally, if everything had gone according to plan, I would have given testimony in the Circle of Connectedness on March 29th, followed by my very first (!) lecture on April 23rd. During these special meetings I would have spoken openly about my visions for the first time.

Already at a very young age, I had experiences with the Higher Light Worlds and their inhabitants and learned to live with memories of past lives that spanned a very long time. They relate to this physical earthly dimension but also transcend it, for example when I was in the worlds of Lyra and Mars, or thus on other planets.

As soon as I can remember, around the age of five, I knew that the years 2012 and 2020 were very important dates, not only for myself but for the whole world. From 2020 it was going to be really intense’, I told everyone who wanted to hear it. On the one hand, I knew that by that time I would have completed part of my own (self) research. On the other hand, this world could also use a ‘know-it-all’ in taking its next necessary evolutionary step: the step towards the all-connecting Oneness Consciousness.

In 2012 my first book Ziel in Zicht! (Soul in Sight!) saw the light of day after seven intense years of research. I celebrated this by traveling to Mexico, more specifically to the Mayan area of Yucatan. Many had heard or read about it at the time: the year 2012 would mark the end of the world since one of the Mayan calendars ended on December 24, after it had started on August 11th in 3114 BC (according to the Gregorian calendar).

What not everyone realized sufficiently was that this so-called end was rather the end of an era, and not of the world as a whole. In astrology they express it this way: the age of Pisces walks on its last legs while the long awaited Age of Aquarius has begun its rise. At this moment we are in both worlds at the same time. It is with good reason that I speak of ‘his last legs’ and ‘her transition’. The (by now) obsolete orthodox era, is dominated by a more masculine way of thinking and being. This in contrast with the New World where a female non-dualism or holism has made its way again at last.

Between 2012 and 2019 I worked (again seven years) on Lieve Hemel (Dear Heaven). In this second book I come, so to speak, completely out of the closet as far as my memories of past lives and the multi-dimensional nature of my visions are concerned. After all, my past lives mainly played out in the higher dimensions, in the more ethereal worlds of Light.

My conclusion is that mankind does not descend directly from the monkeys, but that there is much else going on on this planet. Look, we know that history was written by the victors. But that is not real history. Our true human history, our true past and future, has nothing to do with deliberately omitting or suppressing things that harm certain vested interests. It also has nothing to do with rewriting, twisting or falsifying. Anyone who, like me, has received various revelations, and then takes the trouble to thoroughly investigate the (hidden) history on this planet, will see that it is full of the fantastic stories of and about visionary people. For instance, I think of the Wise Masters of the Far East, of Thoth/Hermes, Isis and Osiris, but also of the Knights of the Round Table(s), King Arthur, Merlin and the like. In the past, stories arose around such visionary occurrences. Stories became legends and legends became myths. Until finally they were referred to the realm of fables. Everything that is old, as our present society argues nowadays, is primitive and outdated.

It is high time the Truth came back to the surface. That which classical/orthodox science and the religions on this Earth have largely interpreted as symbolic, is indeed about true stories. Our human history is not primitive at all. This planet and this humanity were created through the loving cooperation of multiple Star Nations who are in the higher dimensions within the World of Peace. On this planet, at different times, different kinds of beings – terrestrial and extraterrestrial – have lived together side by side.

My experiences also point out clearly to one and the same direction: human consciousness is not the product of the brain but is inherently part of a Multi-Versum that is animated with consciousness and informed by Cosmic Intelligence. We are all (more or less) conscious beings who develop together in a brilliantly coherent whole. There is simply no such thing as separate particles. Or as John Donne put it so beautifully in a poem at the time: ‘No human being is an island’.

If everything had gone normally, I would simply have told my personal cosmic story. How I was born on February 2, 1973: at Maria Lichtmis (Belgium). How I awoke as a baby in the cradle and could look into two worlds at the same time. How one pair of eyes saw this physical world, while another pair of (spiritual) eyes saw the Higher Light worlds in front of them. How I learned to maintain this precious connection intuitively, and later, as a child, experienced adventures with wonderful beings in worlds that are invisible to most people but no less real. How trapped I felt in my body and in a society that still does not really take these things seriously.How bad I felt at the time that I had nowhere to go with my extraordinary stories, but also how happy I am that by now I have found my way as well as other fellow recipients and allies.

Many people ask me nowadays what I think of this crisis, how I look at it. I then answer, what looks like (the beginning of) a global crisis, is actually about multiple and different forces that each and all at the same time are fighting for their existence. In the case of the now outdated orthodox world view, it is more about a frenetic struggle for survival. The New World also fights for its existence. After all, the old world cannot be transformed just like that. And then there is the Zeitgeist. That is just… there. Like a kind of umbrella or overarching atmosphere in which all these forces push and pull and anoint and heal. No wonder this can seem or feel chaotic. Many people currently do not know what to think or make of it. I can honestly say that I have seen this kind of situation coming several times and I have experienced it myself several times. That is why I am (back) here. To tell what I know about it.

When a society breaks the laws of Oneness on a large scale; when at a certain point in its evolution it has not learned how the Oneness works; when it does not realize that everything is animated and interconnected; when it continues to do serious damage to itself, to humanity and to the planet, it itself unleashes forces that will force it to transform. Situations of this kind have occurred several times in the distant past and in some cases have even led to the downfall of the society in question. I think for example of the great cataclysm that put an end to all life on my home planet Lyra. Or the Electric War which hit the Earth around 5.509.000 years ago and which heralded the downfall of the First Golden Age.

In order to elevate ourselves together with our beautiful planet to a higher form of existence, we will have to find a balance and let ourselves be guided by both love and fury: by passion and anger in equal proportions. Anger over injustice and cruelty, and passion for what is worth protecting and on which we can build together.

I speak from my own experience when I say here that thorough self-examination leads to more and more love, wisdom, freedom and simplicity. Clarifying Soul insights on the one hand increase empathic capacity and increase the World Heart. But on the other hand they also make sure that the capacity to collect reaches its limit so that injustice, lies, manipulation, violence, pain, war, etc. can no longer be tolerated.

The reality of war, for example. Because having an army is legal, it seems as if it is also acceptable. It is normal. In general, no one considers war as criminal. But you can’t go to war (against terrorism, drugs or whatever) without becoming a terrorist yourself. Terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich. So actually there is no difference between the two. No, war is never glamorous, heroic or attractive. It is criminal. Monstrous. The nature of all war is that of tragedy and suffering. We should all be intensely shocked by the magnitude of such tragedies, but we are now too confused, too brainwashed. In the words of the Dalai Lama: ‘We should have had enough of the violence and killing that is happening all around us. If a human being is murdered by an animal, it is sad, but if a human being is murdered by another human being, it is unthinkable. We have to make an effort to think about each other as fellow human beings, as brothers and sisters’.

The ‘Fourth World War’, is how Zapatista leader Marcos in 1999 called the neo-liberal globalization with which multinationals are trying to conquer the whole world. (The Zapatista National Liberation Army is based in Chiapas/Mexico and is a revolutionary movement that strives, among other things, for the autonomy of the Indian population). Yes, the way in which globalization allows the market to dominate everything, the way it destroys humanity and bombs all human beings who rebel against the so-called logic of the market to an enemy that must be destroyed… All this is very close to my heart.

Things like artificial intelligence are another thing. So soulless. The enormous amounts of ‘data’ that are already being ‘harvested’ on a large scale, and that are no longer used for the benefit of our well-being but for the benefit of greater profit for only a few….

The social distance from each other, the fear and psychological pressure that increases, people dying all alone, illegal family gatherings and parties, mouth masks as the latest fashion trend… Not to mention the systematic removal of all the ‘fake news’, which in so many cases is based more on truth than what the mainstream media tells us today, and, last but not least, the attacks on our ‘freedom of speech’ which includes not only our right to free speech but perhaps even more our right to have an individual opinion. I readily admit it here: I’m having a very hard time with it. When I hear that books and videos, about for example the serious disadvantages and dangers of vaccinating, are currently being massively removed from YouTube and that writers like Lynn Mc Taggart and David Icke are under heavy fire. Whistleblower Edward Snowden called it ‘a structure that oppresses people’ and so the Dutch journalist/writer Karel van Wolferen said during the program ‘Weltschmertz’: ‘Fortunately, more and more people are waking up (…). It’s about a lot of money (…). About world-control’.

The ‘healthy’ police state that some have in mind, with artificially driven ‘people’ that are measurable, controllable and above all manipulable: I could get sick of it, that’s how much I care. But fortunately I recognize it from a long, long time ago. That is why I know what I have to do. I just have to talk about it. Express my opinion, in this way – via this article – and in many other ways. And yes, at the risk of being called foolish, naive or even worse: crazy. 

An image of a tree can never replace a living tree, no matter how good that image may be. A virtual cuddle remains distant anyway. Just like art at a distance often just doesn’t work. Instead of making things more and more complicated, I think we should just go the other way. Investing fully in people, in health, in well-being for everyone and everything, isn’t that what we should be doing right now?

No, ‘the new normal’ is not something we should allow ourselves to get used to. Nor later, can we go on like we did before this crisis started. We need real changes. Changes for the better for each and all. And if we don’t come up with these changes ourselves and acknowledge and claim them, if we do not stand up for them, express and rise to them, then who will? Change starts with ourselves. Each of us. And no, of course, this cannot be the same for everybody. We all have our own unique stories, our assignment and mission. Some will have to fight and claim positions on the barricades. Others have to learn to stand still and retreat, while others will learn to play again, dance, and really cook or just think for themselves, talk, and just listen to each other. Just like always, we can mere get to understand each other more. To keep on watching the other with an open, surprised look and try to comprehend each other.  

15 mei 2020

Note: Looking back now, I shouldn’t have written that the Zeitgeist would be ‘just’ there. After all, everything in this Multi-Versum has a purpose. Nothing is coincidental. So it is better to look at the Zeitgeist as an essential part of an immense wheelwork, an enormous clock. Moreover, this clock is a living construction, a network of fields filled with consciousness. A Celestial Company thus, breathing in and out Divine Light. But more about that later on.




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