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About the multidimensional consciousness

When I speak of a multidimensional consciousness I am talking about a galactic or universal consciousness: you have already experienced (back) how the higher unity consciousness feels. Because of this you feel and know that you are never really alone, but that you are always and everywhere carried by [...]

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About Near Death Experiences

The term Near-Death-Experience was once, in the 1970s, defined by the American psychiatrist Dr. Raymond Moody. He was one of the first in modern times to systematically investigate this extraordinary phenomenon. He recorded his findings in what would later become a worldwide bestseller: Life after Life, published in Dutch [...]

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This blog post belongs to Why I live in Antwerp, the new musical solo project of Isle of the Sky Meanwhile, we are already several months far into the extraordinary year 2022 and I am getting ready for the recording of some new songs that have been with me for [...]

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