This blog post belongs to Why I live in Antwerp, the new musical solo project of Isle of the Sky

In case you did not know it yet: the Aquarius Age has begun! Changes have been initiated and there is no turning back. Thank goodness for that! Once again, the full moon of 27 February 2021 caused a peak of incoming light and a burst of momentum. Those who could catch the wave have been surfing at unprecedented heights ever since… On 3 March, there was another portal. Followed by the spring equinox on 21 March: the Celtic festival of Ostara.

For me personally, the gradual raising of our vibration translates into coming out of the closet more and more. I want to be myself completely and I notice that this is going better and better. Things that still kept me from my power are gradually starting to lose their grip on me. I wrestle with them for a while until I have them by the neck, hold them up to the light, analyse them thoroughly and then professionally get rid of them. That’s it. Once and for all, I say. Never again. Root and all. I am talking about those last (well…) (un)conscious fears, survival mechanisms, thought patterns and convictions that lie in wait like an ever-repeating algorithm and want to pre-programme me, as it were.

No, I sometimes even say out loud, I can no longer be programmed from outside. I will programme myself. I am also no longer afraid of the dark. I realise that darkness is an important phase in every growth process and I welcome the dark blanket that gives me peace and insights. For it cannot always be just great. After the peaks, there are also dips that force you to introspect and self-reflect. Tide and ebb go together.

I am no longer afraid of my own (light) power. I try to be compassionate and to forgive everything and everyone, but I deliberately do not send love to my enemies. After all, by now I know only too well who and what is ruling this planet from behind the scenes, and what these beings are capable of… When I deliberately give them my love, I immediately let them know exactly where I am. And love works as a portal. It is much better to radiate my light, to everything and everyone, but not intentionally and purposefully send it in a certain direction.

I also notice that many are waiting these days. Waiting for conditions to improve, waiting for nice weather, waiting for salvation. Solutions are often sought in the outside world. Of course we are assisted by many lightbeings and extraterrestrials on as many frequencies and dimensions, but the gate, the key, the tree…. that is us! We are the ones we have been waiting for!

The time has come to finally break the yoke under which this humanity has been suffering for so long! So throw off the fears and become who you have always been. There is in fact nothing more simple than that. All those stagnant energies… It is you who keeps them alive! See through them, transform them, heal them and free yourself! There is no greater act of self-love than this: be kind to yourself and set yourself free!Make changes in your consciousness that are so profound and so right, that they change your consciousness forever, and help others to do the same!

Recently (on 8 March) I was singing in a beautiful, almost empty church. The sunlight breaking through the stained-glass windows was illuminating a different aspect of their magnificent spectacle. I felt myself rising above myself… and the text I sang became the voice I was, and the Earth and Heaven I had first felt all around me returned to their original state of being and everything became one and connected.

Yes there, in the St. Joris’ Church on the Mechels plein in Antwerp, you heard a chorus of voices that day: ‘Never again will a lower god keep us from our birthright! Never again will we forget who we really are! We are sovereign free beings who all descend from the Divine Source! We will never cease to exist! Life after life after life… we will always remember who we are and thus save ourselves and everyone and everything! All this because of the everlasting and loving Alliance that the Earth forged with the Heavens! Be happy and joyful because the Plan has been put into action! We are all (back) here now! We ARE the New Earth!



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