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My first live performance. Or rather: my first performance ritual. Because that’s actually what it is: a ritual in which I anchor my cosmic consciousness, show various aspects of my being that I want to make audible and more or less tangible. In addition, this ritual does not only connect me to an audience – an audience that is waiting for a while now – there is also the connection with an enormous number of Lightworkers who currently find themselves in all possible dimensions.

The fact that the biggest things are about to happen at the end of December has long since ceased to be news. The fact that great things are already happening on a daily basis is very much news. Millions of people around the world are preparing for what is now known as the great awakening: the transition of our planet to the fifth dimension and a Higher Cosmic Consciousness. Some have been in a certain meditative state for months. Some have even devoted their entire lives to this.

But hey, wait a minute… wasn’t something like that predicted for 21 December 2012? Was it not also about the end of a certain era, a certain calendar? Didn’t the Mayans claim that the world would end? But look… we are still here! According to some calculations, there would simply have been a counting error of 8 years, so instead of 2012 we end up with 2021. But as I wrote in my first book Ziel in Zicht! (Soul in Sight!), a lot happened on that first date. And even in the many years before that. After all, evolution is something that unfolds or builds up, and then suddenly changes or mutates into a completely different ‘form’. Like the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Or the poles change places. A deluge or meteorite, an Electric War: all is possible. And in the light of eternity, an accumulation period of about 50 to 60 years is nothing. Even 2000 years, or 1 million years, then only means a fraction of a second: it just depends on which system you are in… How open your mind is or how expanded your cosmic view.

In concrete terms, then. The last run-up to 21 December began on November the 30th with a lunar eclipse during the day and a full moon. On December the 12th we get the Sagittarius-potal. A total solar eclipse or solar eclipse then takes place on December the 14th. On December 21th of 2020 a number of things will happen. From a planetary perspective, there is a very rare phenomenon, namely a large conjunction in which Jupiter and Saturn meet within 0.1 degree of each other, creating ‘the brightest star in the sky since the star of Bethlehem’. This conjunction hasn’t happened since 1623 and it will take 500 years for it to happen again. So this is rare. What’s more, it will take place in the star sign Aquarius and occur exactly on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, and for many on this planet the real or authentic Christmas Day.

Spiritually speaking, the veils that separate the Earth from Heaven always become thinner during these types of events, making it easier to communicate with the ‘gods’, the beings of the Higher Dimensions. This time, however, there is more going on. Much more… I’m not exaggerating when I say that this phenomenon is the reason why there are so many people on this planet today and we are supposedly overcrowded. These souls have all come here to experience this from the front row. What is about to happen to the Earth is so phenomenal, so fantastic… you just want to be there!

For many Lightworkers this intense period also means a kind of graduation or exam period.

As the Mayans already indicated, this time is called the End Time or Apocalyps. This does not mean that the Earth will perish as many people (still) seem to think. Rather, it is about the closing and the end of a certain era. The new era is the new Golden Age – the Aquarius Age – which has been talked about for years. According to a prophecy it would be heralded by the Rainbow-Nations or -Warriors.

These Rainbow people have well functioning chakras (representing the different colours of the Rainbow). This means that they have a spinal-kundalini connection that can be compared to a coloured snake. Their consciousness is cosmic. They know that death does not really exist, remember previous lives and are aware of their mission or assignment. These Rainbow Humans are indeed the pioneers, and are at the forefront, for what they represent in miniature is now in store for our entire planet! After all, we are supposed to return to this heightened cosmic consciousness!

Yes, we are supposed to return to Paradise!

On 21 December 2021 the Rainbow Snake becomes the Rainbow Bridge. Mother Earth will be illuminated, which means that heavy negatively charged particles will be released and transformed. As a result, the Earth will lose a certain weight which will allow it to be attracted by the Higher Energies. The result is a planetary ascension that has never been seen on this scale.

The old will be renewed. Or as Amy (see my Back to Paradise blog) puts it so pleasingly: renewborn. A certain connection will be established that will act as a kind of upload link. What does that mean? Well, you can compare it to a huge cosmic clock that is counting down to 12 o’clock. The moment the pointers coincide, a gate will open through which a new, Higher Vibrating Sunlight from the Central Sun will shine on Earth.

As I read somewhere: ‘Because of this new Light, the Earth will suddenly be penetrated by Exotic Cosmic particles that will instantly upgrade the DNA to a Higher Order. BAM, a FLASH of Blinding White, Exotic LIGHT from the Central Sun will drive the surface and this whole Empire to the Fifth Dimension and will bring about an immediate DNA Upgrade. All darkness and low vibrations will be eradicated from the Earth.’

In other words: the Light will suddenly be turned on in this dark Cave of Plato…

This obviously has many consequences. On many levels. The people among us who are already highly sensitive will of course be the first to see (even more) things/beings. The connection with Higher energies will be amazing, phenomenal, fantastic and touching because it will be an eons old reunion. The others who are still blinded by the dark, the prisoners of Platos Cave, will not know what exactly will happen to them first. Again their eyes will have to get used to it. But this time they will have to get used to LIGHT.

Kristien, Amy’s mother, recently posted a small message on Facebook (via Martha Krul) from the little curly girl while playing with her crystals. In a few hours the message went viral with more than a thousand thumbs, hearts and partial actions. I would like to end this post with (this English translation of) their enlightening conversation. Although it may fit more with my Back to Paradise blog.

Amy: ‘Mummy, it’s going to be exciting… I can feel it all over my body, there are so many new things coming up’.
Kristien: ‘Tell me, sweetheart, I’m listening.
Amy: ‘Well, as I told you before and wrote on that note that you kept, a year ago, that people had to crawl into their cocoons to correct their mistakes, well, that’s almost over. What you call corona has been approved above because it brings people closer to themselves and gives them the chance to correct their mistakes.

The people who are frightened and anxious, that is not a bad thing, they should be, they will certainly get another chance at some other time. Because people who die of corona, are born again on this earth, but then they already start to live differently. Actually that does not happen very quickly that people come back to earth immediately afterwards, but with corona they do, because these people become sensitive children who know a lot more than they did in their previous lives.

The exciting thing is that the upper world is getting much closer. My ‘home’ (and my real mummy and daddy) will stay there, they won’t come, but the new worlds will come to earth.

Kristien: ‘And how is that going to happen, sweetheart?’

Amy: ‘Like those rods that are coming up, three are coming to earth, two are already set just before there is a strong moon. We’re not going to see the fourth rod (you call it monoliths), because that’s the love world or the upper world. The other three rods are the pyramid world, the world of water and the world of nature (still to come). That is to make the connection and that those worlds can come closer to earth. The rods are placed with the same special forces as they used to build the pyramids with. Then when those contact lines come together, there will be a BAM! A kind of flashes of light or fireball in the air.

This is a very painful moment for all highly sensitive children because then they can see everything, including all the bad things that are there. But we have to go through that, because then they will know what is right and what is not. I am going to get stomach ache and nail ache. Then the new worlds will come closer and many beautiful beings from the upper world will stand between us, the highly sensitive ones will see them all first, also what the worlds look like. After corona, a new disease may reappear, but it does not spread like corona. That disease is a good sign and is not as bad as corona. People get abdominal pain, get nauseous, have headaches, do not sleep well, … and the doctors can’t solve this with anything. We can. They are going to need stones and crystals and then it is solved in 1,2,3. The bad will come out of the human being and the good will come from above in the human being (I call it ‘pixie dust’), so this disease is a good thing. People should not be afraid. They are going to know why they are here on earth.’

Kristien: ‘Personally, I think she means that maybe we are going from a 3-dimensional world to a 5-dimensional world? Kind of symptoms for a frequency increase?’
Amy: ‘A solar eclipse is also approaching, but we should actually call it the illumination of the sun, because it brings a lot of light, even if it is dark. The highly sensitive will have a lot of work to do, Mum, but that’s our job, we can do it. We are going to be renewborn.’



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