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We live in a time of great upheaval. The mid-winter on 21 December, which this year was marked by a great conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, has barely passed or another full moon is approaching. It will introduce the new year 2021. The rise of the Age of Aquarius is unstoppable. Change is necessary. Everyone knows that. The question is: are we really going to face this?

It may surprise you, but here in Europe we all have a very special responsibility. This responsibility has everything to do with spirituality. In my first book Soul in Sight! (2012) I already explained how much today’s human beings have strayed from the path that leads to the only Truth. Since then I repeat the same thing over and over again, in different words, or use words from others. Christina von Dreien, for example, is someone in whom I have found an ally. Born in 2001 in Toggenburg (Switzerland), she belongs to the group of New Age children also called Rainbow children.

I quote from her last book Consciousness creates Peace:

In theory, the conditions for spiritual development are equally present throughout the world. But only in theory, not in practice. There are no wars raging in Europe at the moment, there is enough water and food for everyone, we almost all have a roof over our heads and we do not have to worry that a bomb will fall on us. This means that we have everything we need to live here. This does not apply to other countries. In some, children have to walk for miles to find some dirty water, and they do not have enough to eat every day.

When people are in the mode of survival, they are forced to function mainly from the lower chakras, because all the issues surrounding survival are linked to this. To avoid misunderstandings: I am not saying that there are better and worse or important and less important chakras, because we all need them equally in order to be able to live. If we did not need them all, we would not have these different chakras. But each chakra has its own qualities and consciousness aspects.

The consciousness that we are all divine beings and need to become aware of who we really are, is connected to the upper chakras. For people who have to survive every day, it is much more difficult to deal with spiritual issues, because if they did, their survival would not be certain. It is right that they have other priorities. But if you live in a society that doesn’t know these existential problems and where you can really live – not just survive – you have a responsibility.

For the sake of clarity, the survival mode associated with the lower chakras is controlled by lower instincts. But make no mistake: a society that promotes sex and violence on a daily basis (through their mainstream media for example), that spreads fear on a large scale (fear of terror, fear of a virus, ect.) and generally shuns or suppresses spiritual subjects, also switches to such a survival mode.

Back to Christina: We all have a responsibility to be beacons for those people who, because of their difficult circumstances, are not yet there. In theory all people in the world have equal opportunities, but in practice that is not the case.

Christina is convinced (and I with her) that Europe can be a beacon for many other countries if, and only if, we develop properly here. That is not difficult. After all, we have all the information we need here in order to develop spiritually.

Christina: By turning the things we have already seen in theory into practical actions, and thus first solve our own problems, we will be able to offer real development aid to others. Today’s development aid is not real aid, but the creation of dependency. So we have to start with ourselves. And if, at some point, we have solved our own problems and seen how we can really help other countries without making them dependent on us, we can go there and create something positive. It is important that we do not impose anything on the people there, but support them in such a way that they can remain independent and make changes at their own pace. We must leave the culture of the countries we are helping as it is. After all, the agriculture that we have here in Europe cannot be practised in Africa, for example. It would be completely pointless to want to farm our way of farming in the middle of the Sahara. The people who grow up there know exactly what works best for them.

If we really want to provide development aid, we must abandon the attitude that we know everything better. All cultures can learn from each other. People in other cultures can teach us things, and we can teach them things. (…) So we have to clean up our own mess first. As long as that doesn’t happen, it’s pointless to offer development aid, because it wouldn’t have the desired effect.

There is also no point in talking about world peace as long as we ourselves are still arguing with our neighbours. We can only be beacons for the future if we have found true inner peace within ourselves. It is not enough just to talk about peace; we must become peace ourselves.

Many people today are hoping for the big change, but that change is us, each and every one of us. Of course there are people who can give important impulses to others, but these impulses only lead to changes in people who take the impulses seriously and do something with them in their own lives. Both are always needed: people who give impulses and people who turn impulses into action. How long it will take before the world changes therefore depends on us as a collective. Because we bear the responsibility for this, we are the ones who are affected. We, as the Earth’s population, are responsible for what is happening and what is not happening on this planet, and we cannot shirk this responsibility. In the end, all that matters is that we put into practice the ethics that we feel in our hearts. Then everything will be all right.

We have all come to this planet as souls to leave traces of light. That is why many of us are born/living on this continent today. Don’t be fooled: overpopulation is a myth. Numerous souls chose this world stage just now to be here; to be physically part of this profound transformation. That is what we are here for. Not to be turned into robots. We have been doing that for long enough now, and that experience was good for something. But now we have to remember that we have an obligation and a responsibility to be ourselves the change we want to see in the world.

In Christina’s words: If something has to be done – in any area, in any way or to any degree – there is a moment that is right for every human being.

And when that moment comes, don’t hesitate but be brave.



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