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The Aquarius month of February is coming to an end. I am still heavily impressed by certain information that confirms my own visions (see my previous post) and of course this leads to an increase in my strength and self-confidence. Small victories over myself, someone called it the other day, and I can totally relate to that these days. It comes down to saying the right things, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time, in the right way. Quite an art of living.

On 14 February – not coincidentally the day of Love (or Valentine’s Day) – I participated in the Week of Belgian Music with Why I live in Antwerp. A few days before, the song Animal Perfume was added by the Belgium Music Addicts to their Electronica playlist on YouTube!

The experience – being able to perform in front of a live audience that more or less happened to be around – is still hard to put into words. I felt like a princess or a queen from a long-forgotten kingdom greeting, addressing and singing to her people from the open windows.

I had a choice of 10 tracks. Ten soundscapes and songs. Or my personal translation of the first ten months of the extraordinary year 2020.

1) A soundscape in which the opera Rusalka resounds. Because I played a ‘silent member of the royal court’ in it at the turn of the year. This opera is about mysterious water creatures that are looking for an authentic existence. The link with refugees drowning at sea is not far-fetched… Nor is the link with the Scheldt of Antwerp. Water connects us.
2) In the beginning of February, Thomas’ film premiered in Burkina Faso/Africa. The film deals with the problem of desertification. Did you know that there are three ways to cut down a tree? Only two of them are human.
3) Once I saw a dead body floating in the Scheldt. It felt like a solar eclipse and reminded me of Atlantis; of the dark forces that took possession of mankind back then.
4) During the first lockdown, I crossed over to ‘the other side’ several times to return with renewed insights.
5) What would we be without Love and Wisdom, the Sun and the Moon?
6) Everything is struggling and contracting and turning inside out: the birth of the New Age is a fact!
7) The world gasps for breath.
8) A soft battle song bubbles up in me. I join our ancestors.
9) Together we gently rock the new age as if it were a baby… to get her used to the light… and the darkness.
10) The authentic voices of the Amazon natives sound timeless and endless. They are quite right: that which is sacred must be protected.

In the end, it was a short intense set in which I started and ended with ‘Mystery Land’ (number 8 on the list).

How nice it was to see neighbours, with whom I had never really made contact, hanging out of their windows! They were filming and dancing like they were having a ball. Days later, I still felt tingling all over my body.

There was something else too, by the way. I call it a puzzle piece. You see, as a result of my performance from the open window on the first floor, my legs had to lengthen in order for my feet to touch the earth properly. At the same time, my body stretched at the top so that I could also ‘touch’ the highest floors. What happened now? This strange feeling fitted nicely with what I had been feeling for years and which got an extra dimension since July 2020: my Light-body is becoming more and more aware of its own gigantic dimensions and is taking back its true shape: that of the Tree of Life whereby each branch represents a dimension.

This is not just a personal story. No, it is a collective fact and part of the awakening of our species. Many people are suffering from their spine, especially the lower back. In my opinion this is because the Light-Body is ‘uncoiling’. For the human physical body, which measures only about 1 metre and so on, that is a huge task! Imagine that! Two bodies, one of which is so many kilometres long; and another that measures only a metre and a half. And those two have to correspond, harmonise and resonate with each other. You see, the spine acts as a kind of conductor of energy. You can imagine it as an energy bridge or a tuning fork, and it works as a Cosmic Antenna that tunes in to the Cosmic Spine as well as to that of the Earth. (You will find more about this in both my books).

Hardly had I recovered from these profoundly transforming insights, when I saw this post by Judith Küsel. She published it on 13 February, the day before my mini window concert. I read it on the 16th. No, coincidence does not exist. And once again I feel supported. That is to say: ‘backed’ up.



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