Song Lyrics


the life they want us to lead
the air they want us to breath
the food they want us to eat
the blood… they want us to bleed
everything designed
everything designed
the books they want us to read
the movies they want us to see
everything designed
everything designed
to keep us asleep
one day
we’ll no longer be seperated
one day we’ll go home
one day
one day
one day


o you can see me
you might feel me
but i’m not here
i’m empty… hollow… a shadow
tell me: how can i imagine anything?
the images are always and everywhere provided for me
the powers that be are hard at work dumbing us to death
i need my old skills
preserve my own mind
it’ll take the light of a moon or two
and nights filled with fires
the scent of animal perfume
will promise adventures
the air is filled with hope and beauty
i have my faith and Self belief
my heroes and confessions
i will be the One who sits and wonders
looking up with questions
look at me now, look at me now
do you see me now?
look at me now
i need my old skills
preserve my own mind


i’ll keep on running now until my feed bleed
i hope you understand it’s because of this secret
just keep on looking now until i know where i’m at
the beauty of this trip is that i’m probably already dead
i’ll keep on asking now questions that you don’t need
just to wake you up somehow from this hypnotising sleep
no i won’t stop now until our souls become One
it’s easy to see where we’re coming from
just keep on talking now until my words speak
it’s that i want to share what’s causing this inner heat
i’ll keep on praying now until i’m out of breath
the trouble with this Earth has a name:
it’s called ‘organised bloodshed’
and i’ll keep on learning now about some better way
what you might call failure is my reason to stay
so i’ll keep on pushing now the borders of decency
not stopping before i have set this world free
i’ll keep on dancing now until my time is done
the mission is for you to feel the dance i have become
and i’ll keep on smiling now no matter how hard i ache
until you’re ready to see: Love is the only key
Love is the only key