Most of my visions fall under what is nowadays referred to as Near-Death-Experiences. These first occurred to me when I was still in the cradle. Between the ages of 4 and 5 they set in motion a process that can best be described as a voyage of discovery in reverse. However, you could also speak of information downloads that started a process of Soul Integration within this third dimension. Because of this, it soon became clear to me that today, here and now, I am fulfilling a mission (again); that I chose to be present on Earth in a physical body during this turbulent End Time – the time of Great Revelations!

As mentioned, as a child I was already very much aware of a world that others could not perceive. Moreover, I had multiple experiences with my companions, other Selves, and various guides from different Star Peoples.

In my memories, the Pleiades with its central Sun Alcyone, Lyra, the Galactic Federation, (Inner) Earth, the first Paradise or Elysium/Lion Empire, Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt all play important roles. Since my memories are still so vivid after all this time, I really feel that I am living forever.


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