When I speak of a multidimensional consciousness I am talking about a galactic or universal consciousness: you have already experienced (back) how the higher unity consciousness feels. Because of this you feel and know that you are never really alone, but that you are always and everywhere carried by the Loving Source of this beautiful Multiverse. You could say that in such a moment of Enlightenment the Earth-bound ego swaps places with the (Higher) Soul-Self. Once you have experienced such an expansion of your (conscious) being, there is in fact no turning back. A portal has opened for you and it is as if you are looking at the world with a new pair of eyes. You see through the illusion, and the dramatic play of dualities is something you increasingly abandon.

A multidimensional consciousness experiences time as not linear but as an eternal and vast ‘now-moment’. Consequently, this kind of consciousness can also space/time travel.


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