Starseeds are souls who have come to Earth as emissaries specifically to bring Light. Starseeds are not here on Earth just for themselves but have a mission, which has everything to do with an ancient dream of humanity: the dream of general co-creation, initiation and rebirth, or the spreading, all over the planet, of the Higher Unity Consciousness (also called the Christ Consciousness by some).

Star children are not from here. Their roots are elsewhere in the Multi-Versum. Even though they often want to ‘just’ return home right away: their mission is here, on Earth. They have agreed to it that way. After all, they do not fulfil their mission alone. Somewhere there is a (Higher) Soul-connection helping them. It may be on this world or on other worlds and may be physical or non-physical. This (Higher) Soul-Self helps, assists and guides the star child. No matter how alone they sometimes feel, star children are never truly alone.


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