Time is not what you would think. After all, time is not linear as we were all taught in school. Most people think that this life is the only one we have. it is not. We live at different levels of existence and in different time slots or frames, all at the same time, in the Here and Now. So this means that we are currently living in many forms, on different planets and in different dimensions.

Soul integration begins when you begin to travel through the different dimensions and start to meet your different beings. As you get more and more used to these beings and get to know them better, you begin to see that they are in fact parts of yourself. They are you. The moment you begin to integrate all these forgotten parts of yourself – these selves – your wholeness or unification begins. You are then no longer ‘just’ a human self but also and simultaneously a multi-dimensional self. You will begin to remember who you really are and why you are here and now, in this important time on Earth.


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