Prior to my current incarnation, I had a kind of vision of the future. I saw that there will be a time on Earth when people will be under tremendous pressure. But I also saw a whole lot of little points of light all over the Earth, that is, individual people who had awakened and were holding the light. Not all people had awakened, but only a portion of humanity, but this portion ultimately made the difference. Because the points of light gradually connected with each other, and at a certain point there was a kind of “light breakthrough” through the matrix of unlight, which disintegrated this matrix. This made it clear to me that at the end of the present period everything would be all right.

For this worldwide breakthrough of light it was not necessary that a majority of people had awakened and let their light shine, let alone that all people had awakened. A small portion of humanity was sufficient to make it possible. Therefore, we should not be discouraged when we see that most people are still asleep, because the collective awakening is not about a numerical majority, but an energetic one. The light is so strong that 1 awakened and conscious human being with his high vibration can lift the lower vibrations of a lot of sleeping people, maybe thousands or even more, depending on his or her consciousness level.

After this vision, I was enormously moved and felt very honored to be allowed to come here on Earth and assist in this breakthrough of light. From a cosmic point of view, what humanity is doing here is very special. In the Universe, everything is connected to everything, and what happens on Earth goes into the Universe through cosmic energy pathways. Many light-filled extraterrestrials are watching Earth with excitement at this time, because if humans manage to break free from this prolonged captivity of darkness, it will have enormous significance far beyond Earth for other parts of our solar system and this galaxy. That is why it is so important that we all be beacons of light and hold the light here in the midst of the darkness unshakably.

This is what I have seen prior to my current incarnation. (These words originated from Christina von Dreien. You can find a similar account in both my books, as one of my personal testimonies.)


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