The Universe has infinite dimensions. That is why it is also called a Multi-Versum. A dimension is like a step on a ladder (Jacob’s ladder). Or a tone within the Celestial Music of the Spheres. A bandwidth or reality frequency. A specific time-space or ‘time-frame’.

People on Earth generally and currently live in a third dimensional reality. This means that they perceive three dimensions and think in three terms of time: past, present and future. However, their consciousness has been conditioned/manipulated to believe that this is all there is.

You can best compare it to a radio or television station being tuned in to. In reality, as mentioned, there are many more dimensions/frequencies, but due to certain circumstances you are only tuned in to these three.

At this time pulses are being sent from Source and the Earth is raising its vibration. Because of this, her frequency spectrum is expanding sensitively and our dimensions are, as it were, being stretched. When you do not fight against this but instead go along with this natural ‘flow’, you will learn to shake off certain unnecessary burdens. With that dead weight I am referring to all the ideas that are not correct. Concepts about who you really are, for example, about where you come from and why you are here exactly. If you continue to think in certain (now outdated) ways, you will not grow further. Then you keep yourself trapped in old, unnatural and suffocating systems like this third dimensional reality. Only when you allow the power of Source, through the Earth and your spinal column, to flow through you will you learn to attune yourself to the higher dimensions that are filled with more light.


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