When people ask me, `How exactly does that work then? How exactly do you connect to Source?’, then first of all it is important to realize that what we mean by ‘Source’ has many names. Some call it God(ess), the All, the Alpha and Omega, the Universe, Light and Love and so on. However, whatever name one gives it, the Source is that which we all – without exception – come from, and eventually return to. And since that is the case, the Source is therefore also within us. Or rather: everything that is present – including us – are emanations of the Source. This is the way in which the Source gets to know itself and this is also the way in which we access our own inner core. In other words, the Source is us. So when we wish to connect with Source, we are talking about a very profound connection … with ourselves, our true selves.

When a person embarks on the spiritual path and wants to become aware of who they really are, it is recommended that they learn to become very quiet. After all, in this way you become aware of all the things and thoughts that are haunting your mind and keeping you constantly on the spin, so to speak. As the realization dawns on you that all these things and thoughts – like clouds – appear and disappear again, you also come to realize that behind all these clouds there is a cloudless sky and a radiant Sun. That cloudless sky and that radiant Sun: that is you on a higher, deeper level.

Once you have tasted the above state of consciousness, even if only for a moment, its flavor will never let you go and you will want more of it. You will notice that your whole being relaxes and fills with peace, harmony and bliss. Why should you let yourself be driven crazy again by all the thoughts that try with all their might to get your attention?

However, the ego does not give in easily and will begin to throw everything into the battle. For it senses that it is losing its power over you, and fears its own death. The person who slowly but surely comes to realize that the Source is eternal and death does not really exist, will, however, begin to see more and more through the ego’s tricks, deceptions and twists. Where these initially seduced him and distracted him from the true heart of the matter, yes, lulled him to sleep, it is now becoming increasingly clear that there was a force at work that literally blinded him. Once the eyes open to this unluminous force, it becomes very easy to show him the door. After all, when the windows and doors of a dark room are opened, the room also faces the light of day, and it can no longer escape that.

‘But should we always turn away from the unlight (the dark)?’ No, of course not. It is not even possible to do that. Darkness exists. What we can do is learn to integrate the dark – the shadow sides of ourselves. Then we can learn to open and close the windows and doors of ourselves so that the daylight and the dark are both equally welcome.

Do you feel what I mean by this? When you radically ignore the dark and pretend it is not there, you block yourself. You may see snippets of your own cloudless sky and radiant Sun, but you do not yet understand how vast and powerful and mighty you yourself are. Much better, therefore, is to look closely at what clouds are obscuring your inner light – the Source – and what blockages are holding you back from not bending and flowing with the natural flow.

When you wish to look attentively at something, it is only natural that all sorts of questions will bubble up. Asking the right questions is an art. Are these clouds thoughts that you once accepted as true and now can’t easily get rid of? Are they ingrained habits? If so, which ones? Conditionings? Beliefs? Where did you get them from? Who ever sold them to you and are they actually worth anything anymore? Why do you hold on to certain thoughts? Is it out of fear? Do you not think of yourself as brave at all? Would you rather hide behind your own clouds? Wouldn’t you rather be free as a child and play and laugh and dance? Why do you find life so hard?

The above questions are just a few. Those who have never asked themselves questions before will, of course, have a hard time at first. But should such a person persevere, there is a good chance that he will be rewarded in the end. After all, he will increasingly realize that he is not alone, as he initially feared, but that there are many who are all engaged in exactly the same process! And not only is he surrounded by literally thousands of like-minded people; he is even guided by even more of those who are now in the higher light worlds. The more he lets light in, the more he will become part of a great Family of Light.

One last thing I would like to draw your attention to the simple fact that we have always been enlightened beings. We have only forgotten it because we ourselves have allowed certain clouds to block our vision and our Sunlight, and because we ourselves have closed certain doors and windows. It may well be that others have sold us ideas in the past; we are entirely responsible for what we take in and thus what we allow to influence and form us. Once we realize that we ourselves have to take back the control… over ourselves, we finally become again those free, sovereign light beings whose consciousness extends all the way to Source.


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