Wednesday evening, 10th November, I raised my glass to the coming new year for the first time this year. After all, on Thursday, the 11th of November, the door swung wide open again and a 40-day cycle began that will, in a grand curve, build to the next momentum on the 20th and 21st of December 2021: the winter solstice. When, on those darkest days of the year, the light emerges from the darkness again: that for me is New Year.

I see the next 40 days as a period of even deeper reflection. Now that does not mean that I will withdraw from the world like a hermit. On the contrary, I have a great many performances ahead of me. But whether I am in the spotlights (for example, in the Fashion Museum in Antwerp) or rehearsing for the end-of-year opera La Bohème: the next 40 days will bring out the desert in me again. By this I mean that I will very strongly fold back on myself so that I will feel the higher energies even more finely. The more I feel them, the more I can become, live and pass them on. Before I go into more detail, however, I think it would be a good idea to briefly explain what I mean by a portal- or gate day, like the 11th of November.

Well, our calendar is not just a collection of dates but is made up of all these different hours, days, weeks and months that fit together like a cosmic, energetic clock. As the Ancient Ones say: ‘Everything was measured and has its time’.

In one year, even in every month, there are several gate days. Some gate days are known worldwide. Although they are not known by that name (anymore). November 11th is such a day. But also the 8th of August, which is called the Lion’s Gate. Maria ‘Lichtmis’ falls on 2 February. Do you notice how much the numbers repeat themselves? 11/11; 8/8; 2/2 and so on. Days that are characterised by Master Numbers (double numbers) and often coincide with special star positions or planetary alignments and the like, are called gateway days.

Gateway days are those days when the veil between the Multi-Verse and the Earth is thinner. The so-called energetic separation between our physical world and the rest of the cosmos acts more like a portal or gateway on those days. Hence the term ‘gateway day’. Because the gate is opened, as it were, our Source connection becomes much more tangible. Energies can also be felt more easily. And if we adjust to this, certain insights can also reach us more easily.

In short: gateway days are the ideal days for setting up a ritual and for doing inner or light work, because these special days are like crossroads of time waves, which allow for a smooth reception of cosmic knowledge. But as said: you have to be open for it. Or be prepared to do so.

If you open up to these days, you open up to the cosmic teachings or cosmic knowledge. The purpose of this is to raise your individual consciousness and thus accelerate your transformation process. Or rather, to develop your inner growth by helping you awaken from the long sleep of unconsciousness through which you have become alienated and separated from your true self. Yes, through which you have lost touch with the cosmic vision of who you really are.

When you want to know yourself fully, it is not surprising that you will also have to face the dark, secret and undiscovered sides of yourself. It is easy to shout about yourself that you believe in this or that and stand for this or that. But who likes to admit to themselves that they are, for example, very fearful, prefer to avoid challenges or are selfish and want ease and comfort without sacrificing anything?

Why is all this so important? Well, when you raise your frequency or vibration, through the inner (light) work that you do for yourself, you start living more and more from your soul and no longer from your ego. If you understand that the lower ego is especially afraid (especially of death … of the ego!) and therefore divides everything into categories which it then plays off against each other, then you will also understand that a spirited life is equivalent to freedom, joy, harmony and peace. And look… when more and more people discover this frequency in themselves, then the earthly paradise will come back naturally!

In an article I recently wrote for Bloom magazine (to be published in their December special), I compared this (necessary) passage to the transition from black and white to colour. The fog lifts, as it were. The air you breathe feels purer, and also looks much nicer. As if you were in a closed room for years whose closed doors and windows are now finally all being opened again!

Do you remember the story of the ancient Greek Plato? In it he describes the life of the prisoners of the cave. It is becoming increasingly clear that we ourselves are the prisoners of our own cave. All we have to do is to expand our consciousness in such a way that we can, as it were, escape and go beyond the illusions that have been offered to us for so many years by so many lower gods.

People who are ‘lucid’ (for example clairvoyant, hearing, feeling or knowing) noticed that during gate days they received certain information much more easily and that, for obvious reasons, they were allowed to develop these gifts even more and then pass them on. Of course, every era, every century, yes, even every smaller period, has its own language. Nowadays, these people like to speak of waves – waves of light – on which one can continue to ‘surf’ until the next ‘momentum’ presents itself. They fervently encourage other people to open up to this so that they can then experience it for themselves.

So don’t take my words for granted. Although, of course, I hope that they will inspire you and stimulate your curiosity. After all, despite our current circumstances, there is still so much to discover, to learn and to share!

Despite our current circumstances? What I mean by that is that currently and worldwide there are a lot of diversions taking place. They do not make it easy to grasp the opportunities that the evolving Universe offers us and then to use them. One has to do with a virus, the other with our climate. There are more, but they are all interrelated. Of course, these things force us to face the facts much more. In fact, everyone agrees: something has to change. And urgently. It is actually already too late. Only: how do we do it? How do we go about this in practice?

No sooner is this question asked, than the opinions of as many people tumble over one another in a game that appears to becoming increasingly chaotic.

Life is wonderful and fantastic but also oh so fragile and vulnerable. Or is it very strong and brave? Does everything fight according to the law of the strongest? Or is there a cooperation and connection taking place that stretches the limits of our imagination far beyond anything we can imagine now? When I pay close attention and look and listen to what my soul is telling me about these issues, I know that we can believe the latter.

The bottom line is that we find ourselves in the midst of a truly massive paradigm shift. Evolution has led us all to this one point. The point where we have all come to stand, as it were, against the wall. Or in front of the abyss. This one point – some call it a singularity – can also be called a revolution. It is an upheaval of such gigantic proportions that most of us have the greatest difficulty in comprehending it. This is because they are, as it were, continually distracted by the shadows that have now become so imprinted on their retinas that illusion has taken the place of reality. Had these people been engaged in the inner- and light- work of which I spoke above, they would not only have seen this abyss, this storm, this enormous chaos coming, but they would even have predicted it long beforehand!

Today, once again, our humanity is at stake. What it means to be human. Each one of us needs to find an answer to this question urgently. And I am not talking about our humanity in the traditional sense of the word. What makes us human – the information that tells us what makes us human – should no longer come from the lower ego but from the higher soul! It is our soul insights that will guide us and illuminate our path; not the fires of the much lower ego! They build only castles in the air. Or, to put it in more modern terms: virtual realities.

Deep inside, everyone has known the truth for a long time. And of course, it is not yet too late! Everyone wakes up at his/her own pace. Some will need a wake-up call and others will only wake up long after they have passed on… The soul however knows how to deal with this.

Oh well, we have known it for a while. Humanity’s imaginative ability precedes many inventions and is therefore at the same time a kind of barometer of our species. Therefore, it is very important that we realise that we alone are responsible for our own imagination. Do not let yourself (your ego) be seduced by the shadows – the projected illusions – in Plato’s cave. Do not be misled, or better still, distracted! The only real work each of us has to do here and now is to ‘go inside’. There, where we confess ourselves to ourselves, in the eye of the storm, in the silence, in the core of our soul, all answers will be given to us. And then we will see that who we are – who we really are! – can and does have an enormous impact on the effect of all external matters on this planet. Many of our problems could be solved in one swift act… if enough people would realise this and act accordingly! You may know the following words: ‘What if there was a war somewhere… and no one went? This is about exactly the same thing. That is how strong and powerful we are!

Remember: those who continue to follow their lower ego out of fear, will soon wake up in some distopian society where inequality and injustice will still be ruling the world as if they were two hands on a belly. However, whoever starts living fully from his/her soul, will naturally pierce the illusions one by one and thus become one again with that which was always there and will always be there. I am talking about love and light, wisdom, peace and harmony.

I would like to end this blog post with the warm words of the young Christina Von Dreien and the wise advice of the even younger Amy (Angel Kgwedi).

The pressure on the physical plane is building and energetically there is a lot going on in the field as well. If we have moments when we feel insecure, anxious or overwhelmed, that is understandable and we should not judge ourselves for it. But we must not forget, how much Power and Light there is in each of us. (…) We have on Earth many people who sleep deeply. And although we are in such a field, we managed to wake up. And every day more and more people, despite or thanks to the circumstances, manage to wake up / become aware. (…) And that can only be possible, because every lightworker has so much Power within him/her. (Christina)

Our protectors are ALWAYS there for us. They want to help us release old pain and sorrow so that we can regain all the powers we have forgotten and then learn to work together again in the new world. They want to help us to build a new world. They need us to do this, so we have to be strong, kind and grateful. (Amy)

I already want to wish you a very happy New Year!



P.S A part of this post appeared as a column in La Verna magazine


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