When we speak of Elysium, we are talking about the very first paradise here on this planet Earth. Think of the time when the Crystalline (Pyramid) Energy Network was fully operational and everything was connected in Oneness and vibrated with each other.

There are echoes of this in ancient legends – the story of the net of Indra for example – but also modern holography and fractal theory refer to this concept today. This is a very good sign, because it means that the return to our Source is imminent! In other words, Elysium is resurrecting!

Imagine a world where different extraterrestrial species met for the first time. They came from far and wide! From distant planets in other Solar Systems and from planets in our own system and therefore from closer by. Some sent their trees and bushes; others their whales and dolphins. Still others had asked and received permission from the Higher Councils to engage in certain experiments. This gave rise to new hybrid life forms. All exchanged information with each other, learned from each other, lived together and above all, enjoyed each other! The air at that time resounded with cries of joy. There was laughter, dancing and fun everywhere. It was a true feast! Paradise on earth!

Of course, as always, there was a lot of monitoring from the outside. After all, evil was something to be reckoned with. However small – compared to the countless forces of light – it was a factor that could not be denied.

Despite numerous precautions, certain unenlightened forces eventually managed to infiltrate the planet. The original Crystalline (Pyramid) Unity Energy Network was replicated by them, as it were. But as is always the case with artificial replicas, it lacked the flowing, loving energy of Source.

The consequences of our gradual disconnection are still with us today. Only when we all learn our lesson will we finally awaken and return to our true home. Then Elysium will rise again in all its glory!

That which does not have Love as its basis, will ultimately always perish in chaos.


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