18/11/20     testimonial/lecture + book(s) signing at Stichting In-zicht – Dokkum (NL) (still remains to be seen…)

21/06/20     publication article ‘Visioenen’ in the Dutch/Belgian magazine Bloom (3 pages)

06/06/20     publication article ‘Op(en)staan voor een betere wereld’ in the Belgian magazine La Verna (5 pages)

Madagascar/Africa (canceled)

23/04/20     testimonial/lecture + book(s) signing at La Verna – Gent (canceled)

15/04/20     testimonial/lecture + book(s) signing at De Kleine Bron – Lier (canceled)

09/04/20     testimonial/lecture + book signing(s) at De Kleine Bron – Bazel (canceled)

29/03/20     first testimonial + book(s) signing at the Cirkel van Verbondenheid – La VernaGent (canceled, due to Covid-19)

…/03/20     lightrunner for C(h)oers (Alain Platel) + Symphony of Expectation (Alejo Pérez/Krystian Lada) from the Flemish Opera

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Burkina Faso : African film-première ‘La Foret de Djibril‘ from Thomas Ceulemans/Hommes et Terre/Ecosia

…/01/20     lightrunner for Der Schmied von Gent (Ersan Mondtag) from the Flemish Opera

01/01/20     the belgian magazine La Verna promotes both my 2 books

12/12/19     – 23/01/20 performances for Rusalka (Alan Lucien Øyen) from the Flemish Opera (now online!)

22/12/19     according to the dutch Spiegelbeeld Magazine my newest book Lieve Hemel is ‘from the top shelf’!

22/11/19     publication of my written article ‘Leven vanuit je Hart en Ziel’ in the dutch Spiegelbeeld Magazine

…/11/19     started working as a distributor of De Andere Krant (a Dutch initiative)

12/10/19     watch the docu Amazones from director/cameraman Thomas Ceulemans now online (untill the 11th of Nov. 2022)

12/10/19     signing my 2 books at the Grote Spirituele Westlicht Beurs – Goes/Nederland

Burkina Faso (Africa) with director Thomas Ceulemans/Hommes et Terre/Ecosia: like/follow me on Facebook/Instagram

20/09/19     Lieve Hemel + Ziel in Zicht! now for sale in Het Alkristal (BE)

08/08/19     Lieve Hemel + Ziel in Zicht! now for sale in the Standaard Boekhandel (BE)

27/07/19     signing my 2 books at the pop-up galery of Kathleen Steegmans – Antwerpen (BE) – More info

Burkina Faso (Africa) with director Thomas Ceulemans/Hommes et Terre/Ecosia: like/follow me on Facebook/Instagram

20/06/19     booklaunch Lieve Hemel at Galerie Annette De Keyser – Antwerpen (BE) – More info

22/03/19     performer & second director assistent for Warchild by Sam Renascent

15/02/19     worldwide music-releases Keep on + Animal PerfumeMore info

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20/10/17     Isle of the Sky at expo Kathleen Steegmans – Antwerpen (BE) – More info

15/10/17     Isle of the Sky at Kinky Star – Gent – More info

28/09/17     Isle of the Sky at Cabron – Antwerpen (BE) – More info

14/07/17     Isle of the Sky at Cfou – Antwerpen (BE) – More info

16/06/17     Isle of the Sky (+ Borokov Borokov) at B52 music club – Eernegem (BE) – More info

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28/10/16     release single + music-video The Life More info 

07/10/16     Isle of the Sky at Den Hemel – Scherpenheuvel/Zichem (BE) 

24/09/16     Isle of the Sky support bij Pilod // ‘Black Swan’- try-out – Den Hemel – Scherpenheuvel/Zichem (BE)

17/09/16     Isle of the Sky at Mattias’ Place – Antwerpen (BE)

15/07/16     try out Isle of the Sky – De Moeve – Lier (BE)

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Birth of Isle of the Sky 

24/08/15     release single + music-video Animal Perfume by Isle –  Café Cartoons – Antwerpen (BE) – More info

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02/02/14     release single + music-video Keep on Keeping on by Isle – De Kleine Hedonist – Antwerpen (BE) – More info

15/12/13     – 19/01/14 performances for Der Rosenkavalier (2 x Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz) from the Flemish Opera

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20/03/12     booklaunch Ziel in Zicht! at Storm/MAS – Antwerpen (BE)