You too can make a contribution!

Did you know that I self-fund all my work? The articles I write are published in exchange for book publicity. My books were self-published and the same goes for my music and video clips. (The CD Why I Live in Antwerp is the only exception. That was made possible by a grant from the city of Antwerp). Thomas and I also fund the film-docu about Amy (Angel) all by ourselves.

You don’t hear me complaining. I’ve found this to be a perfectly fine system for years. But I would like to create a lot more! And I could use some (financial) help with that. What do you think of a new book for example, with or without illustrations? Or audio books? A regular podcast? Videos on my YouTube channel where I tell you directly about my personal, cosmic experiences? What if these testimonies were accompanied by beautiful, illuminating images? You see: plenty of ideas! And then I haven’t even mentioned my music yet! Or the paying of others with whom I work (on a regular basis) correctly!

In short: do you have money to spare and do you think my voice is important? Then click on the button below.

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Thank you in advance.