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My personal testimonial : Ilse Wanten (part 3)

The days between the summer solstice of June 21, 2021 and the full moon, a few days later on June 24, 2021, were, in short, a downright roller-coaster! Let me explain this. You see, because I haven't been sitting still this past year, I think it is about time [...]

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Personal testimonial: Karolien Claes

In the heart of Lommel (Limburg), you will find a very special place, run by an equally special woman. I am talking about BaZiel, Karolien Claes' experience bar. In the midst of the unique interior, you can buy, besides delicious juices, coffee and cakes, also special gadgets - including [...]

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My personal testimonial : Ilse Wanten (part 1)

Although Thomas and I have been working on this new documentary for a couple of months now and a few testimonials have appeared in the meantime, you still don't know why we started this filmproject in the first place. I mean: what exactly is the motivation for us as [...]

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What I find so interesting about Kristien is that her own life took a completely new course with the birth of Amy. What's so special about that, you might say, that happens to more women when they give birth to a second daughter. Of course it does. Well, I [...]

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