This blog(post) is part of the documentary film project Back to Paradise in which my beloved, director/cameraman Thomas Ceulemans, and I follow a special little girl. Her name is Amy.

In the heart of Lommel (Limburg), you will find a very special place, run by an equally special woman. I am talking about BaZiel, Karolien Claes’ experience bar. In the midst of the unique interior, you can buy, besides delicious juices, coffee and cakes, also special gadgets – including both my books! – and even a personal reading with insights, tips and tricks to get the best out of yourself!

When I meet Karolien for the first time, I immediately notice her primal strength, spontaneity and honesty. It is clear that Kristien and Amy are in particularly good company here. And even though it seems as if these ladies have known each other for years, nothing could be further from the truth. Karolien explains: ‘I met Kristien and Amy about four years ago, in my aunt’s shop Elf en Steen (more about this in the next blog post). Although Kristien talked about her exceptional experiences with her daughter Amy and I saved their phone number, it would take another three years before we would see each other again in my coffee shop.

Encouraged by Amy, our meetings always turned into in-depth conversations. And finally Kristien asked me to work out a trajectory as a coach for her organisation. This strengthened our bond enormously and now we are real friends who can talk openly and honestly with each other. She and Amy accompany me, as if they were fellow travellers on the train. We support each other in dissecting the signs we receive, the dreams that ask to be understood, in order to gain more insight into the next step towards our life purpose.’

Karolien clearly has a mission and has already come a long way. How would she describe herself? Karolien: ‘Friends recently called me a soul whisperer because I guide and support people in making decisions, attuned to the blueprint of their lives. I like to introduce myself that way because it reflects who I am and what I do naturally. To this day, it helps me to shape my life and enables me to make courageous and usually not the most obvious choices. So I have been an accountant, a civil servant, a burn-out coach and a welfare counsellor. And so I also run a coffee shop. Most people call me unstable when I mention these roles and that used to upset me. Now I know that, despite the incoherent storyline, it has been a strategic process to speed up my awakening process. It serves the only purpose that really matters: my life purpose.’

Karolien realises that this awakening process was necessary to free her from ‘the matrix in which we are unnaturally fed by fear and the idea that we as humans are limited in our possibilities. For the possibility of freeing ourselves from suffering, and awakening to a fulfilling life is accessible to each of us. So yes, we can turn this place into something magical! Heaven on earth is within our reach.’

Karolien knows very well what she is talking about: ‘In the past year, somewhat coinciding with the corona story, I have done a lot of research into the forces behind the scenes of this pandemic. At first I too was absorbed by fear, but this quickly evolved into an inner knowing that there was more to it all. In the months leading up to the pandemic, I had apparently told people in various individual card readings that something big was coming and that it would have enormous consequences for humanity. These people sent me a message one by one during that period to mention this. It was a kind of confirmation for me, but also a wake-up call.

Then a chain of coincidences developed on my path. Ranging from a conversation with the family doctor, a Facebook group, documentaries to news items that made me frown. One by one, they were starting points that made me wake up from the reality that was being offered to me for truth. And my hunger to discover what the world was really like grew greater.

During the first lock-down, my focus was mainly on mapping the forces behind the dark reality. A not-so-beautiful world opened up before me, ranging from the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry to the not-so-hidden agenda of the World Economic Forum. I was brought down to earth with two feet, and my cultivated belief that the powers that be have my best interests at heart, has been shattered ever since. An enormous mistrust developed, which made my hunger for information even greater.

At a certain point, I was confronted in a documentary with child smuggling and abuse. This was the proverbial straw. There was still some disbelief, but if you then investigate the matter yourself, you quickly arrive at the official figures. A gigantic number of children disappear every year. 900,000, that is a staggering figure… Where? Where? How? Why? The disappearances that are mentioned in the media were nothing compared to the stories I came across from victims. And no, not just one story, but several stories, side by side, in which horrible practices were mentioned. Ranging from child prostitution to child sacrifice.

Coincidence or not, but all of this brought Karolien seamlessly back… to her own first spiritual experience…

Karolien: ‘For this I have to go back to my childhood. I must have been about 7 years old. At night a portal appeared on the wall at the side of my bed. I remember that I was eager at first to go through it, driven by a healthy portion of curiosity and a blind desire for the unknown.

As soon as I disappeared into it, I experienced that I was not in control of my ‘vehicle’. I tried it several times, over several months. Each time I missed the right exit, as it were, and ended up in the same terrible place. A dark red, black space under the ground, inhabited by children dressed in dirty rags. Crying and screaming, they tried to get my attention, wildly and eagerly trying to pull me towards them with outstretched arms… After such a journey, I would return to consciousness in fear and pure panic and a routine developed whereby I would shout my mum awake. She would then make room in their bed and I would fall asleep comfortably embraced by my dad.

As time passed, I stayed at a safe distance from the portal, even managing to ignore it. It was as if I energetically placed stones in it, making it smaller and smaller, until one day it disappeared completely. And so it went from there with everything I linked to the unknown. I ignored it and brought myself to ‘safety’ as quickly as possible.

As a child I must have been able to perceive a lot because my self-rescue actions were endless. For example, I remember that when I had to go to the toilet at night, I would close my eyes, run down the corridor, switch on the light, do my thing, switch off the light, close my eyes and run back again. This, by the way, is one of my actions that I have repeated for the longest time.

Intrigued and triggered by Karolien’s recognisable story, I ask her to dig a little deeper. What does she think, for example, that the children’s scene represented at the time? Karolien: ‘I now realise that I was already able to observe the underground tunnels, which are actively used for child trafficking, at the time, so that later, at a certain moment in my life, when I would be confronted with this ‘alternative’ reality, I would not start doubting myself.

This insight prevented me from stepping into the false reality again and brought me back in contact with my primal trust: it illuminated my life purpose.

I realise now that I lost my desire to go in search of the unknown because it was extinguished by my fear. It took years for this desire to rekindle.

At first glance it seems that this experience has slowed down my spiritual development, but when I look deeper into it, I also believe that there is a reason why it has stuck. For me, it indicates that I should not forget. I believe that when I am ready, the energetic wall will disappear and the portal will be available again. In any case, my desire to travel interdimensionally has increased tremendously over the past year.

The words ‘life purpose’ have been said several times. For Karolien, it is clear as day: ‘It’s about helping to create a new world of peace, prosperity and love for all living beings.’

When I ask about the role that Amy plays in all of this, Karolien answers without hesitation: ‘Amy keeps connecting us when we need it, and inspires us with her mission on earth.’




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