This blog(post) is part of the documentary film project Back to Paradise in which my beloved, director/cameraman Thomas Ceulemans, and I follow a special little girl. Her name is Amy.

Of course, I do not need to tell you here that it is only a matter of time now; that the energy is on the rise. That we are dealing with a change of epochs – a real paradigm shift! – And that the incoming light now provides many soul-insights. That is, if you do not let yourself be caught and carried away by the prevailing fear-frequency!

Even when I was a child, my favourite game was to dig deep into myself and study the world like a detective. Indeed, I was presented with many pieces of the puzzle for which no one seemed to have a sensible answer. At school, I was suspected of having too much childlike imagination. At home, in the privacy of our small family, certain things (that you could read in my previous post) were considered normal; they were not discussed in much detail. And so I was left with a lot of questions. Looking back now, I realise that asking questions is a very essential, if not the most important part of a search. Moreover, if the search is for yourself, there is nothing like actually finding the answers you were looking for.

If I hadn’t followed my nose to the grindstone over the past few months – if I hadn’t noticed the little signs – I would have surely passed up ‘A Gift from the Stars – Alien Races – the book by the French/Irish Elena Danaan. Now, once again, it turned out to be the perfect book. The timing couldn’t be better… In this book, the brave Elena testifies about her abduction as a child by malevolent aliens – Greys – and her rescue by benevolent aliens, with whom she subsequently kept in touch throughout her whole life. While reading the text on the back cover of the book, several of my hairs stood up straight. This only got worse during the reading of the book. From the very first pages, I realised that this had happened to me, too!

That is to say: I was not first kidnapped (like Elena) by unenlightened forces, but have been part of a great Plan for some time. One of the parts of that Plan, is that I am here now, on Earth, and that benevolent beings – the same ones Elena talks about! – have been keeping an eye on me and watching over me since I was a child. Often, however, they also abducted me. This happened around the age of 5, almost every night and for a whole year.

I have already described in detail how this happened in one of my testimonies, which you can find in both my books. In short, it comes down to the fact that I – my people – have known for a long time that consciousness is not the result or the product of the material brain, but encompasses the physical body. The human brain merely functions as a kind of antenna. Depending on the transmitter or the frequency on which you switch on, you see more or just less. (This, by the way, is something that quantum mechanics has rediscovered since 1900).

My descent – my birth on this Earthly dimension – was not without its struggles, for I soon understood that my physical vehicle – my Earthly body – functioned as a kind of diving suit. A prison. I wanted nothing more than to escape from it. And see… also this deep wish was granted.

The result was that around the age of five, and with clockwork regularity, I was lifted out of bed, as it were. Some of my allies/light beings from the other side helped me to raise my vibrational frequency so that my light body would consciously detach from my physical body. It was that conscious aspect in particular that did the trick. You see, for most people, a kind of out-of-body experience also takes place at night while they are sleeping. Only, this happens mostly unconsciously. Although one experiences all kinds of adventures in (un)consciousness that are called dreams, nothing of it seems to be of any real value. The intermediate and higher worlds that I entered were my real Home. And it was also there that, together with other students and Initiates of certain Teachers, I received teachings and attended training camps that prepared and supported me for my next – this! – mission.

One of the most important things I was taught was about the core of our multi-dimensional being, and how that soul group works together on different dimensions/frequencies. This is what is meant by the spiritual term ‘awakening’ these days. And so it should come as no surprise that the unenlightened forces are rebelling against it.

My advice? Do not allow yourself to be manipulated! Stay close to yourself and stand in your power! Remember… remember who you are! The rest, as Amy also says, is now only a matter of time. And she bravely adds: ‘Listen to the children! Listen to children like me!’

Indeed, I think to myself, in our childhood all solutions are already there for the taking. That is because the soul-connection is then still very much alive. Everything that comes after that is part of a kind of voluntary confinement. A constant conformity to norms and values that are no longer ours. Our escape is what we all need to focus on now.




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