This blog(post) is part of the documentary-filmproject Back to Paradise in which my partner, director/cameraman Thomas Ceulemans, and I follow a special little girl. Her name is Amy.

The following extract comes from Kristien, Amy’s mother. She recently posted it on Amy’s Facebook page – Amy Angel Kgwedi – where it received over 800 thumbs and hearts in barely a few hours. The post was also shared more than 350 times. The least you can say about that is that Amy’s message to the world resonates with a lot of people.
Kristien: ‘Wow, there is so much going on in the world again.’

Amy: ‘Yes, mom, it has to be like this.
This way the bad energy of the earth can go up faster and the elves can turn it into pixie dust. Because more and more people are getting scared, the bad energy is going up much faster. I told you when I was in the third grade that there were going to be floods, so that’s the water world that’s now in progress. Once we get to the top, the mountain pops and the water world comes down to earth to give us back good energy.

The next one is the love world, it can get very hot in many places with lots of burnings which will give fire…the elves will work hard to cleanse this bad energy. Once that mountain is full of elf dust in the upper world, this love world is also getting closer, as is the pyramid world and the nature world.
The monoliths that came a while ago have already done their job. Once all the worlds get close, there will be a flash in the air.
All this is to help us and make our earth beautiful again. You can also see this in the sky. The colors are changing.
My real mom and dad (king and queen of the upper world) are not coming to earth. They can’t. But they do tell me, along with lots of elves, what to do. I am guided by them. This is my last life and after that I will stay in the upper world forever.’

Kristien: ‘So do you have a special assignment here?’
Amy: ‘Yes, everyone has an assignment and it is important that you try to find out what it is and then do it. If your heart beats faster because you really like something, then you are close to it or it is your mission.
My mission here is to teach people about or help them remember the upper worlds and thus help the earth.
I do it mostly with stones of crystal because I learned a lot in the pyramid world to be able to help people with crystals. I’m already doing that a little bit now, but my real work is yet to come.’

Kristien: ‘What happens when the worlds get closer to Earth?’
Amy: ‘Then people will get back extra powers. We will then also start to know much faster what our own mission is and we will also start to really see our companions just standing next to us. If all people can see and know this again, we will have a very beautiful world on earth where everyone understands and helps each other.
People will then also start believing more in themselves and start being much more kind to nature, the animals and much more kind to each other.’

Kristien: ‘And what can we do now?’
Amy: ‘We don’t have to be afraid at all with what is happening because it has to be this way. The only thing everyone COULD do is make their own dreams come true and making a lot of fun. The less you are concerned with news and vaccinations… the less it gets into your head and the less it is going to happen. I do get nail aches sometimes because I feel those bad and painful things too, but I try to shrug them off and get on with it quickly. I also know that only bodies die and not the souls. For example, I can always teleport back to you later when we’re dead on earth, Mom. And luckily I know that the good is going to win and that is very nice to know.’




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