About Ilse Wanten

Hi! My name is Ilse Wanten. I was born in Hasselt (1973) and live mostly in Antwerp (Belgium).

I am a visionary, artist, published author and filmmaker. I’m also a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and a co-founder and activator of the Crystalline (Pyramid) Unity Energy Network, as a result of which I travel as much as possible.

At an early age I had experiences with the inhabitants of the Higher Light Worlds and learned to live with visions. These vivid memories of past lives span in their entirety a very long period of time. They relate to this physical terrestrial dimension but also transcend it, for example when I resided on non-terrestrial dimensions: other planets. My personal cosmic experiences, visions and insights thoroughly rewrite mainstream history and offer an exciting and inspiring new perspective on our Multi-Verse.

For years I submitted myself to all kinds of in-depth (self-)investigations, which pushed me organically in a playful and contemplative artistic direction. I finished my studies at the Humaniora Kindsheid Jesu Hasselt (Greek-Latin/Mathematics-Modern Languages & Informatics), checked out the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten/Ghent (Film-Photography) and experienced an intense period under the wings of Jan Decleir at the Studio H. Teirlinck/Antwerp (Drama).

I followed several workshops – La Fura dels Baus (performance), Marie de Corte, Les Ballets C. de la B./Koen Augustijnen (modern dance), Jan Fabre (As long as the world needs a warriors soul), ect. I experimented with trance- and club-dance, techno and butoh, sjamanistic rhythms and drums and took private singing lessons (classical voice-jazz) from Miriam v. H. I also take an interest in the health aspects of food & fasting, herbs & healings, hiking, yoga, meditation & rituals.

Starting out as a professional actress, dancer, performance-artist and model, I later began creating my own performances which led me to writing and singing. As an actress I toured the world with the Flemish theatre-company Blauw Vier/Laika (Pinokkio; Een dame in de kast; Peep&Eat). As a mannequin/(showroom)model I worked in Paris and Milan for Martin Margiela, Dries van Noten, ect. I participated in several fashion-performances for Ann Huybens (+ the book ‘Coeurs Crus’) and from ’97 to 2002, I was the AF Vandevorst house-model, who won the ‘Venus de la Mode’ in ’99. As a dancer/performance-artist I joined forces with Tom Tosseyn (Isda?), Hazim Kamaledin (Gamma van Stilte), Romeo Castelucci (Inferno), Toon van Ishoven (Doors; Top-Play; de Keering), Niek Kortekaas (De man in de boot) and many more.

I presented the Festival van de Beweeging 4 (curated by dancer/choreographer Marc Vanrunxt), danced at Pinkpop and in the music-video ‘Disco!’ from Stef K. Carlens/Zita Swoon and was a founding member of both the performance-groups Luna Baal (with Jo-An Lauwaert) and Het Achtervolk (with Andy Wauman). I worked with director Greet Vissers/Het Paleis (De drie badhuisjes), gave feedback when the Belgian dancer/choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez (Voetvolk) was creating her ‘Birth of Prey’, and lend my vocal capacities to the Belgian band Boenox/Dimitri Brusselmans when they recorded their album ‘Styl-O-Phone’. The single ‘Stylophone’ was picked up by Radio 1 and Klara (Belgium).

‘Wilde Wilde Wereld’ with Fleur Boonman (Melkweg/Paradiso-Amsterdam) and ‘Geheimnis#AConspirationDesArts’ with desnodev*rmgevers (DeFabriek-Eindhoven) were steps in creating even more personal work in which I was led by a kind of primal feeling. The turning point came with my selection for the ‘Jonge Honden Festival’ (‘s Hertogenbosch-The Netherlands) where my solo-performance was about an eternally living dancer who had descended from the heavens. The writing- and research-process that followed lasted seven years.

My research areas included religion, spirituality, philosophy, alchemy and quantum physics, science and cosmology. From Barbara Marciniak to Carl G. Jung; from H.P. Blavatsky to Pim Van Lommel; from Rupert Sheldrake to the collected works of Plato/Sokrates: I devoured just about every book I came across.

While performing in productions of the Flemish Opera (Ivo van Hove, Waut Koeken, Christoph Waltz, Robert Carsen, Stef Lernous, ect.) I published my first book Ziel in Zicht! in 2012. It was accompanied by the launch of my first website. I then decided the next step was the translation of the content of this book into music. This is where the story of Isle of the Sky begins.

In 2019, seven years after ‘Ziel in Zicht!’, my second book Lieve Hemel was launched at the high frequency art Galerie Annette De Keyser/Antwerp. The English translation Dear Heaven appeared exactly one year later.

In the summer of 2020, my soulmate director/cameraman Thomas Ceulemans and myself started our first joint big filmproject: a full-length documentary with the provisional title ‘Back to Paradise’. You can follow our adventures through the blog on this website, our Facebookpage or Instagram-account.

Nowadays, articles from my left hand appear on a regular basis (Spiegelbeeld, Bloom Magazine, etc.). The spiritual house La Verna also offered me a permanent column in their 3-monthly magazine.

I am proud to say today that I have a multidimensional extraterrestrial consciousness. I am here to help people remember who they really are.



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